Dr. Laeuchli handles commercial arbitrations with the main focus on international arbitration.  He provides these arbitration services in English and also in German or French.  Trained as an attorney in both Europe and the United States, Dr. Laeuchli is able to deal with legal issues ranging from commercial to contract disputes to corporate issues to international trade conflicts. He is familiar with and works within a variety of legal systems.  As a bonus, Dr. Laeuchli brings his expertise in economics, psychology, business and leadership consulting to the arbitration proceedings.

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Dr. Laeuchli convenes mediation sessions and acts as a neutral for parties with a dispute.  Conflicts may be the result of an employment issue, business contract, or even political matter.  There may be two or more parties involved.  Dr. Laeuchli provides these resolution services in English and also in German or French.  An international attorney and a communication expert, he addresses both the legal and relational aspects of dispute resolution.  Dr. Laeuchli is a sensitive and judicious mediator.

Conflict Consulting

Dr. Laeuchli provides consulting services for persons embroiled in, teaching, researching, or studying conflict.

Conflict Resolution Training

Dr. Laeuchli provides seminars and individual instruction for persons who desire to become negotiators, mediators, or arbitrators. He also teaches how to resolve conflict within various fora.