Resolving Conflicts With Justice and Compassion

Conflicts, whether between neighbors, co-workers, companies, and even nations, can be costly. They take their toll financially, emotionally, and timewise.

Lodging a lawsuit often makes the conflict worse and leads to less than satisfactory results. Nevertheless, conflicts must be dealt with directly and quickly before they fester into worse and even more damaging situations.

Mediation and arbitration are alternatives to litigation that provide a forum for parties to be heard and to have their conflict resolved swiftly and justly. However, often mediators and arbitrators either emphasize the legal aspects of a dispute, to the neglect of the human relationships involved, or they may emphasize the relational dimension, at the expense of the rights of some parties. Laeuchli ADR Services provides a balance between the legal and relational aspects of dispute resolution. Laeuchli ADR serves both justice and compassion. With this balance, parties can move forward post-conflict to new productivity and creativity, free from relational burdens.